🎸 Because You Rock

💰 You Can Help Others

If you rock at Salesforce we can dub your greatness and use it to make others in your org rock just as much as you. 10 minutes of play goes a long way.

When everyone rocks, the money rolls.

Storiphi is a team jam. Users who suck can learn from users who rock and neither has to leave their own stage. Every great band started somewhere as an opening act.

🎸 What Rocks?

If you take a short sample from your best Salesforce users you can clone the best parts and use them to train others and to rapidly fix your org. 

Adoption is more than a login report. 

Storiphi pinpoints the excellence. Each user has different levels of CRM experience and types of skills. Copy the best to train the rest.

📈 Harmonize Your Org

CRM is an assembly line. You may be a great player, but if your CRM sucks then you can only get so far. Great players find a way. The greatest players show the way.

Help others by sharing your CRM DNA

Storiphi transfers knowledge and amplifies force. Record the best paths from the best users for any business process. Tune yourself and the whole team.

🔮 The App

Be kind. Share this.

Everyone has a story.

What's yours?


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