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Champions always look up. The scoreboard is always on their mind. That’s also why they’re champions. Each glance calculates what’s next.

Manage the right moments every time.

Many users are good at performing one or two functions in Salesforce. The best users understand that Salesforce has tremendous powers if they keep learning more.

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Coaching is tactical, not strategic. Save strategy for annual planning. The time for execution is right now. Every minute is the last one to a champion.

Adoption is more than a login report. 

Storiphi comes loaded with dynamic dashboards and prebuilt reports so you can hit the ground running. Zoom in to see the action minute by minute. 

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Anyone can rank sales success. It’s a lagging indicator. What you really need are good leading indicators. Skill development is the perfect propulsion for the job. 

Extend your horizon beyond this quarter.

The skills you invest in today become the rocket fuel that takes you farther and faster towards your next goal. Zoom out to analyze if your strategies are working.

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