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The User Illusion

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) began last century. Inventors at Xerox needed a name for the blinking dots on their screens. They settled on, “The User Illusion“.

Today, billions of humans interact with billions of computers using millions of applications. As the world spins more data, our actual click count is still about the same.

Each click matters.

The outputs of data continue to grow exponentially with little friction, but the inputs are frequently bottlenecked. What’s the problem? Where’s the friction?

CRM has the highest ROI potential ($5 for $1) of all enterprise software. But almost half of CRM features are never used so that ROI can turn upside down very fast. 

We are passionate about helping humans improve software adoption. We have driven on every version of Salesforce since the inaugural release way back in 2000.

Get started with Storiphi today and tap into over twenty years of USER allusions.

Sean Mulvihill Storiphi

Sean Mulvihill

Founder & CEO

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