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🏁 USER Driven

Storiphi works in-app while you do so you never leave the race track. Instead, your work is the track. In 10 minutes you can gauge accuracy, speed, range, and balance.

Updating | Searching | Extending | Reporting

Humans use CRM to accomplish four USER missions. These are also measurable motions. Each time you play a USER game, you accelerate towards adoption victory.

⏱️ Action Clock

Storiphi has a built-in timer that measures your clicks and assembles them into a storyline. When you see how you spend time, you see how to save it.

Time vs. Timing

How long it takes is not the same as the precise order of each move. Storiphi boosts productivity because it reduces cycles and emphasizes timing. 

🎬 Action Counts

Execution is the key to success. If one part of the org is behind everyone slows down. Storiphi cuts across all user roles and measures what matters most: real action.

Actions are motions. Direction and speed matter.

Storiphi can create a shared screenplay for any CRM process. This helps your full cast and crew understand each other better and it improves dialogue across lines.

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