💗 USER Love

💗 Rapid Assessment

Storiphi enables rapid assessment of USER intention, skills and overall CRM fitness. In 10 minutes you can measure any player or process.

Don’t expect what they can’t inspect.

Storiphi helps democratize onboarding, learning, coaching, and support. Every need is a high priority. But not every need requires a support ticket.

💓 Check Your Pulse

Express your needs, ideas, and the actions you have taken to improve your Salesforce. Circulate your feelings and respond faster to others.

Adoption is more than a login report. 

Storiphi reveals the gaps. Admins can visualize and measure USER satisfaction with any object or feature in Salesforce and quickly address the needs.

💘 Target Your Help

Open Storiphi on any page in Salesforce, including reports, dashboards, and custom objects. Record your high level feelings or specify precise elements.

Speak your mind from the heart.

Storiphi shines light on what’s needed. Many teaching moments are seismic for one person but never felt by others because they didn’t see it.

📈 Why Play?

Be kind. Share this.

Everyone has a story.

What's yours?


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