🏅 USER Skills

🏅 Rapid Improvement

Challenge your skills solo, head-to-head, or with the whole team. Improve accuracy, speed, range, and balance while you work. Track your progress.

Adopt faster. Adapt faster.

Thousands of daily clicks in the wrong direction costs time, energy, and user frustration. You can break bad habits once you get the big picture.

⚖️ Balance Time

Many users login to perform only a single function whether it’s pulling “the right” report or looking up a quote. They don’t go outside their comfort zone.

Adoption is more than a login report.

Storiphi creates balance by showing each player a personalized, dynamic view of their USER skills. As you play more and broaden your skills, your balance grows.

🥅 Score Goals

Create subject goals and connect Storiphi to any object in Salesforce to show how skill development is impacting revenue, churn, or any operational KPI. 

Skate (faster) to where the puck is going.

Advanced Salesforce users depend on their game. Storiphi can challenge the most experienced pros to condition for greater accuracy, speed and range.

📈 Why Play?

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