🌲 USER Trails

🌲 Rapid Onboarding

Documentation spoils fast because your Salesforce changes so fast. When it’s buried in a Wiki or a crappy file system, users don’t even bother looking.

Learn faster. Earn faster.

Storiphi enables in-app, rapid onboarding to your custom processes and user duties. Clone the paths of your best users and produce a growing, data-driven USER guide.

🌱 Start Anywhere

Leave a USER Trail anywhere in Salesforce. As you play more, the trails increase and your processes become searchable, step-by-step instructions for your org.

Adoption is more than a login report. 

Leverage your growing library of custom trails to build user certification programs for any role-based duty, process, or even third-party apps.

🏞️ Finish Everywhere

It’s hard to refute the rules. That’s why some orgs don’t have them. That’s also how they fail. Good boundaries become rulebooks that scale success.

Circulate your circuitry.

Storiphi centralizes your process documentation and connects users through common subjects and Service Level Agreements (SLA) that span your whole org.

📈 Why Play?

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