💰 You Don’t Know

💰 What’s On the Table?

If you don’t know how good you are at Salesforce you may be missing out on key features. Worse, you may be losing time by continuing to use a bad Salesforce org.

High Adoption = Higher Win Rates

Storiphi creates a feedback loop. Each user can re-assess at their pace, track improvements in real-time, and see their impact to the org over time.

🧮 Adoption ROI

CRM is the most expensive software in your stack. It’s also the biggest ROI producer. Orgs with great adoption get over $5 returned for every $1 invested.

Adoption is more than a login report. 

Storiphi answers the questions. As you continue to play, your Salesforce knowledge will increase, your happiness will swell, and your productivity will soar.

📈 To Play is To Win

You don’t play Monopoly to learn how to become a real estate tycoon. You play to win and to have fun. But you do practice finance skills each time you play.

Contextual Learning. Higher Earning.

Storiphi is fast, fun and flexible. You can play USER Games anywhere in Salesforce anytime and apply them to score all of your CRM processes.

🔮 The App

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